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About Us

Biofarm is a company founded in 1992 based on principles that we still believe in today: high-quality herbal products for a healthier, more natural way of life.


  • To offer high-quality, competitively priced products to our consumers
  • To maintain constant contact with our consumers and strive to meet their needs in the most efficient way possible
  • To provide an appropriate product at the right time and place


To ensure, maintain, and improve the level of quality on which the company has earned the trust and recognition of consumers and pharmacists, a quality system has been adopted based on national and international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and HACCP. Special attention is paid to the quality control of Biofarm’s product range in order to place a high-quality and safe product on the market.


For many years, we have been investing in the reliability, development, and high quality of our products at Biofarm. Through careful selection of plant extracts, their combination, and the content of active ingredients, high-quality and effective products are created in Biofarm’s laboratory.

Production takes place in several separate, independent units. The production unit consists of a production space and an associated warehouse for raw materials and packaging for the products produced there.

Cosmetic product production

This production unit produces preparations found in cosmetics with a special purpose.

Solution production unit

The unit produces an extract of Echinacea for Echinacea drops, then distills essential and herbal oils. Also, Biosept inhalers are produced here.

Capsuled product production unit

In this unit, we produce our herbal-dietary products. It consists of a capsule room, a blister room, weighing areas, and raw material and packaging storage. We use dry herbal extracts for production. It is important to note that the extracts are standardized, meaning that the manufacturer guarantees the specified amount of active substance. These preparations come packaged in two forms: in bottles and in blister form.

Tea production unit

Individual types of medicinal herbs are packaged here. We strive to be recognized for our quality and packaging that will be visually pleasing. The production unit also includes the production of tea filters


Biofarm retail is conducted in 3 herbal drugstores and webshop.

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