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Red Clay, 70g


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100% purified, sun-dried, and finely ground, contains no additives, and is of superior quality.
Non-irradiated, non-ionized clay.

  • Recommended for normal and mature skin and perfect for those with dry skin and scalps.
  • The secret of high-end spas!

This Red Clay contains naturally high levels of skin-loving, beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron. Used regularly, Red Kaolin Clay can improve skin tone, texture, elasticity, and clarity while eliminating dryness and flakiness, it is a great moisturizer! Red Clay has been used as a beauty tool for centuries by the Roman and Egyptian nobility. Today, it is a secret weapon in the high-end spa facial and body treatments. You may use this clay as often as you like because of its gentleness.

It’s very negatively charged and most toxins in your skin are positively charged, so this clay is the perfect magnet for sopping up all those impurities, (sebum plugs, blackheads, and oil around hair follicles). It absorbs dirt so well that it is used instead of shampoo to wash hair. It is a great natural anti-wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and smoothness. At the same time, its remineralizing properties are so remarkable that it reduces dryness and when paired to nourishing oil, it makes for great skin and hair moisturizer.  It improves skin elasticity and smoothness.


Never accept natural clays packed in resealable aluminum bags. Always use paper, glass, or ceramic to store it and never use metal utensils to handle it.

Health & Beauty Recipes | Red Clay for Face Body & Hair Masks

From Morocco, directly to pamper your skin.

Face Mask: The simplest use for Red clay is as a face mask. It can be mixed with water or something like rose water to form a silky paste. This paste can be brushed or rubbed onto the face and left to dry before washing off.

Face Scrub: RED Clay can also be combined with other ingredients to make an exfoliating and smoothing scrub.

Can mix 1 Tablespoon Red clay with 1 Tablespoon ground oatmeal and apple cider vinegar to form a paste. Can use it about once a week for an exfoliating face scrub.

As a bonus, it can be massaged into the face to exfoliate for 1-2 minutes and then left for another 5 minutes to dry before washing off. This will offer the benefits of a mask and an exfoliation in one step.

Hair Mask: Mix 1 tablespoon Red clay into 1/4 cup of water to make a thin mixture that can pour onto your hair and massage in. For hair, it is important not to let the mixture dry as it can contribute to hair breakage if it hardens. If you prefer can massage into the hair in the shower and leave for about 30 seconds before washing.

Full Body Mask:  For great skin all-over,  make a simple paste of clay and water and used it as a full-body mask before taking a bath and washing it off.


Clay must be kept dry.

It should never be mixed with metal spoons or stored in metal containers; the only materials that should be used in preparation or storage are wooden spoons or glass stirrers, and either glass or ceramic containers.

It is thought that the clay loses its beneficial qualities through contact with metal.

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